Open Records “Expansion Pack” CD Launch 31/7/2010 -A.BALTER (Israel) 3hr

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Open Records “Expansion Pack” CD Launch 31/7/2010 -A.BALTER (Israel) 3hr

This got to be one of the most exciting events that has hit Cairns in a while yet. With upcoming release of – “Expansion Pack” compiled by Ian Woodsman which is all set to be launched this Saturday (31st of July 2010) at the Heritage in Cairns.

After numerous months of research & development, Open Records are finally ready to present Expansion Pack, a 2-disc collection of deep, intelligent, genre-mashing dance music, all held together with a distinctly staunch, epic sound similar to that of which I pride myself on delivering in my DJ sets.

From international heavyweights like Matador, Erphun, Boris Brejcha, Pow-Low, Fiord, SQL, NDSA, Weekend Heroes, Perfect Stranger, Astronivo, Sheff, MUTe, Grouch and A. Balter, through to home grown Aussie favourites like SunControlSpecies, Sensient, One Tasty Morsel, Waltone, Blinky, Def Digital and Algenon, the music of Expansion Pack sits at the point where techno, progressive and minimal meet and is proof that quantity and quality can co-exist without compromise.

Through the night you can experience seeing some of the finest Open Records artists featuring: Funkform, Drewan, Adam Giardina, Suspect, Woodsman and of course A. Balter(Israel) who will play 3 hour live set (his first on the Australian Tour). With two additional rooms from Freakquency Records “Subconsious Saturdayze”, you sure up for a treat of sounds and visuals with some of the finest local and international talents to make your night really special.

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