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ToonLoop: -OSX)/ Python(Linux)- Live Motion Creation Tool


Using Processing for Live Visual creation is its own state of mind. Collectively and individually there is a massive share of amazing projects and sketches that keep opening up possibilities of exploration towards unique multimedia overall.

Here comes ToonLoop(Drawing Lively)
One such project worth a mention is ToonLoop. Simply speaking, -Toonloop is a device for creating live video cartoons. Yes, really! :)

Images are added one by one using a pedal which, when pressed, takes a picture and added to the loop of images. Processing.og (Win/OSX) takes care of controlling the functionality and functions, Python port is available on Linux. All together it comes together form an animated film. In the course of your gig , you’ll be able to do several small films like this. This may be a cartoon, or even stop the motion. (frame by frame).

The initial intention of this project was to teach new media element to children and also to create a professional tool for movie creators. Please check it out fro yourself,- highly recommended : ToonLoop.

Download ToonLoop:

The ToonLoop Animation Tools for Movies Creators by Alexandre Quessy and Tristan Matthews

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